Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Treasure hunting at Bristol Bay in Port Heiden

8/28/09 sunset over the Bering Sea in Bristol Bay, Port Heiden.  High tide is incredible to watch, the strength of the rip current is unbelievable

8/29/09 Up at 5:00am to head to the beach to search for treasures left behind by the tide. To our disappointment the sun didn't rise until 6:30, a sign the days are getting shorter. It still amazes me how empty the beaches are, when everything is so beautiful, clean and untouched. Miles and miles of coastline to share with only the wildlife.

The sky after very high winds, the reason I didn't make it back to Perryville on Friday.  The plane made it to the pacific side of the peninsula, but winds were at 70mph so it was too dangerous to go south, so the pilot took me back to Port Heiden, where I stayed for the weekend. Had a great visit with Ronda and Jim.  It's kind of neat fishing and beachcombing with the principal!

Tossed, carried, pushed, and polished. Glass floats, a beachcomber’s most treasured find, are still thrown upon West Coast beaches after their long journeys across the sea.  Port Heiden happens to be a hot spot for finding them.  After 2 hours of walking the beach with no luck, we walked around the bend and like an easter egg hunt started finding them buried in the sand on the bank.

sunrise on the beach at Port Heiden.  Miles and miles of flat open beaches makes for exciting early mornings after high tide, would be ideal to have a quad to cover more ground.

Fishing for silvers...

looks like we weren't the only ones!

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A Loose Nagle said...

i miss you, and I really enjoy your blogs....keep em coming!