Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The big catch

After school fun in most schools includes hanging with friends at the local pizza parlor or skate park, but at Lake and Peninsula the kids showed us after school fun means piling on the quads and speeding full throttle to the beach for some halibut fishing. Within minutes of casting some line, Andrew reeled in a big one, but it wasn't after he put up a fight, that fish was feisty. We estimated it to be about 40 inches & 35lbs pounds. It was a group effort to clean and skin him, but we got 4 large fillets, lots of fresh fish!

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Unknown said...

Hey Candice,
Sounds like an adventuresome place to hang out. Can I have some of those fillets? I will be following you all year. May you continue to bring "Alaska" and the "kiddos" stories to our homes! Mandy heads to New York Sunday....yeah! Love, Aunt Karen
P.S. keep that bear spray handy...I bet you will be an NRA member soon....laugh!