Wednesday, September 2, 2009

weekly commute

A typical week for me includes traveling to a village from Monday until Thursday, except for the week I am home.  Pen Air or as we like to refer to them - When Air, because you never really know when you'll be picked up, is my transportation.  I didn't think I would have a hard time with flying, but it's much more intense than I anticipated.  It doesn't help when the pilot is busy spotting for bulls (caribou) as the plane is being tossed about by the high winds.  The air strip is nothing more than a piece of dirt and to me it always looks like we're going to land in the ocean or on top of houses.  The pilots are all very good, but when they tell you to prepare for a bumpy flight that means tighten your lap belt and hold on tight to the seat it's wise to listen!

Flying to Chignik Lake, sure beats sitting in traffic! if only we had a skiff to explore those islands

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Unknown said...

I enjoy your blog very much! Being an avid outdoor lover, I appreciate you sharing your life in Alaska.